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Studio Lighting Adapter Accessory

Studio Lighting Adapter Accessory

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More Lighting Power

Out of the box, Halumin™ can be powered with one or two of your favorite speedlights. Product and food photography can be easily captured freestyle with this configuration. But what if you need additional lighting power? This is where the Studio Lighting Adapter (SLA) accessory comes into the picture. To use the SLA, just lock them onto the support ribs of the Halumin H18. Each SLA comes pre-installed with Bowens mount, allowing you to connect a studio monolight strobe or LED continuous light setup. Halumin connected to a studio monolight can rotate 360 degrees around the axis of the lights. So you can quickly and precisely adjust your lighting. If your lighting tools are not Bowens compatible, you can replace the included Bowens mount and use nearly any 144mm speedring as needed.

DIY Photographers and Content Creators

Halumin paired with continuous LED lighting is the perfect lighting solution for video and mobile device photographers.

Timeless Construction

One of the many great things about the SLA is its construction quality. It's composed of a forged metal Bowens mount, metal hardware and attached to a 3D-printed polycarbonate body. You can use studio strobes up to 500ws. If you're planning on using continuous lighting, use LED lights that produce a maximum of 5400 lux @ 1 meter (120 watts in most cases). This will prevent the chance of heat damage. You can purchase a pair of SLAs here or as part of the Master Set and Studio Set.

Studio Lighting Adapter

In The Box:

  • Studio Lighting Adapter Accessory (2)


  • Dimensions Each (L x W x H) - 8" x 8" x 3" / 203 x 203 x 76mm

  • Device Weight - 2.4 lbs / 1.1 kg

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Customer Reviews

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光正 二石

This is the most necessary item for my photo studio.
I use it with Profoto D2.