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Halumin H18 Studio Set - H18 + SLA

Halumin H18 Studio Set - H18 + SLA

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Halumin Studio Set - Open Cylindrical Lighting Modifier + Studio Light Adapters

Who Should Get This Set? This set is perfect for photographers who intend to power their Halumin™ with LEDs and studio strobes. If you are an e-commerce seller that prefers capturing with your mobile device using LEDs on stands or you work in a studio or location settings where you need the powerful lighting from studio strobes, this is the prefect set for you. 

Halumin™ is the first lighting modifier of its kind, creating a truly portable and intuitive lighting environment. Halumin sets up in minutes, transforming from the size of a small backpack to photoshoot ready. Professional photographers can work faster while amateurs can get professional results on their first use. The Studio Set Includes everything you need to maximize Halumin’s power in situations where you want to use more powerful strobes or LED continuous lighting for video or mobile device photography. This set includes an H18 and 2 - Studio Light Adapters (SLA).

Built To Last

The Halumin H18 is engineered with durable materials like heavy polyester ripstop laminate, nylon and tempered steel. It has a 18" staging area suitable for lighting small products, full plates of food, bottles and more.

Open Cylindrical Lighting

Halumin can make your small subject photoshoots quick and easy, even in traditionally tricky situations with open cylindrical lighting. Flat lay compositions, transparent and reflective subjects are made easy with Halumin’s open cylindrical (OC) design. Halumin reshapes the light from your favorite flash or COB lights and surrounds your subject with an even narrow cylinder of light. At the same time it flags the light off of your background and camera lens, creating a narrow staging area within the Halumin for your subjects to shine. The controls are intuitive, move your subject away from the camera and the light gets softer. Move it towards the camera the textural details become more pronounced. Move it towards the camera and in front of the Halumin staging area and you have seamless rim lighting. No resetting lighting stands, reflectors, flags and softboxes to achieve different looks.

Tactile Control

Tactile light forming is incorporated into Halumin's patent pending design as well. The integrated light control rings make it intuitive to fine tune your lighting compositions. Simply fold areas of the ring outward where you want more light on your subject or keep them facing inward to maintain an even layer of light.

Light Your Options

Halumin is compatible with multiple kinds of lighting. Out of the box, it can be powered by 1 or 2 speedlights using the included mounting legs. Most brands are compatible but 70ws or higher are recommended for best results. Halumin can also attach to studio strobes and continuous LED lighting via the optional Studio Lighting Adapter (SLA). Studio strobes up to 500ws are ideal. Continuous LED lighting should be limited to fixtures that produce 5400lux @ 1meter (around 120 watts in most cases) to prevent heat damage. Studio Lighting Adapters are also included in the Master Set.

Halumin H18

In The Box:

  • Halumin H18 OC Light Modifier (1)

  • Deluxe Carrying Case With Shoulder Strap (1)

  • Detachable Speedlight Mounting Legs (4)

  • Blackout Strips (4)

  • Studio Light Adapters (2)

H18 Specs:

  • Dimensions Open (L x W x H) - 36" x 36" x 8" / 914 x 914 x 302mm

  • Dimensions Folded (L x W x H) - 15" x 15" x 8" / 318 x 318 x 302mm

  • Staging Area (L x W x H) - 18" x 18" x 8" / 457 x 457 x 302mm

  • Device Weight - 4 lbs / 1.8 kg

Studio Light Adapter Specs:

  • Dimensions Each (L x W x H) - 8" x 8" x 3" / 203 x 203 x 76mm

  • Device Weight - 2.4 lbs / 1.1 kg


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Customer Reviews

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Dean Kinzer
Awesome Product!

Great tool to help enhance the objects you are photographing. I specialize in selling ancient coins and Halumin brings them to life. I have bought numerous lighting tools for my studio and this is hands down the best one. Thank you!